The importance of building talent pools

Jurupa News

Author: Aaron Davies
January 31, 2020

One of the most common gripes we hear from hiring managers and business leaders alike revolve around the costly and time-consuming delays that ensue from having to replace a departing employee, particularly those with a unique skill set.

More often than not, the time it takes to hire a replacement candidate can be shortened by having a clearly defined plan in place to cover this eventuality. That’s why Jurupa created their Talent Pooling service precisely to pre-empt such eventualities.

By tapping into what makes your most sought after employees tick and the unique value their role brings to your organisation, we are able to gain a crucial understanding into how that person’s role can be filled in the inevitable event that one day, they move on to a new role or employer.

The crucial difference here is that by having an effective talent pooling system in place, Jurupa can help you shorten those frustrating periods of uncertainty and bring clarity to forward planning by having a ready-made shortlist of candidates who are primed and ready to attend interviews with your organisation.

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