Our commitment to you

Jurupa hold both our clients and candidates in equally high regard. We realise that you have a choice and therefore in order to uphold our commitment to providing a high quality, attentive service, we decided to create two new charters as confirmation of our intent to maintain the best possible standards at all times.

We are dedicated to ensuring that clients and candidates alike have an outstanding experience with Jurupa from start to finish.

In summary, here is what you can expect to encounter throughout your dealings with us whether you engage with us as a client seeking talent or as an individual seeking your next career move:


Candidate Charter:

Screening call

Depending on the type of search agreement, we will run through a series of questions, gathering information and noting relevant data points in order to assess your suitability for the position in question

Submitting your application

If both parties are in agreement about moving forward, we will discuss the next steps and the interview process as defined by our client before putting your CV forward together with our own summary of notes, gathered during the screening call

Keeping you updated

Jurupa will aim to keep you posted throughout the recruitment process via phone call, email or WhatsApp message. If we learn of your rejection at any point through the process, we will endeavour to inform you at the earliest opportunity

Acting as your counsel

Jurupa will remain at your side providing advice and guidance throughout the process with a view to giving you the optimal chance of securing the role

Helping you to secure the role

Jurupa will negotiate on your behalf at the final stages and seek to negotiate/lessen any obstacles that might exist in the process