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The Career Compass aims to provide listeners with regular bitesize episodes featuring guest speakers, who all bring unique insight and perspective to some of the most common challenges which most us are facing on a daily basis, whether that be as job seekers or within our daily working environment.

Our ultimate mission is to share hints & tips, add value and to encourage healthy and constructive debate. All feedback and suggestions for future content are welcomed and encouraged.

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Employee Value Proposition

Attracting and retaining the very best talent is not just a competitive advantage – it’s imperative for sustainable growth.

Our comprehensive guide examines the inherent value in carefully cultivating your organisation’s EVP. Utilising the strategies contained in our downloadable guide will help turn your company into an employer of choice for top talent. Enter your contact details below and we’ll send our exclusive PDF guide, “5 Ways to Improve Your EVP.”
How to repair a damaged employee brand

Are you suffering from a toxic employee brand?

If your company is struggling to attract the very best candidates, one important question to ask yourself is “how is our brand perceived in the marketplace?”

Over the years, we have taken on numerous briefs where the client in question had hitherto struggled heavily to bring their desired level of talent in – primarily as a result of a damaged employee brand.

In this downloadable guide, we take a closer look at what steps organisations can take in order to rebuild trust and set the right habits in motion once again.

10 of the Toughest Interview Questions

Over the course of numerous search mandates, we have been well placed to observe a range of interview styles & techniques. 

In this guide, we take a closer look at 10 of the most challenging interview questions a candidate may face, and how to handle them. Elevate your interview skills with our guide and equip yourself with strategic responses and turn challenging queries into opportunities to impress your future employers. Simply enter your contact information below to receive a copy of our PDF guide.
The importance of a positive candidate experience

What are the net effects of a poor candidate experience and why does it matter?

The recruitment process is for most people the first touch point with your company, therefore it’s critical to ensure that their experience is a positive one – after all, the applicant might be your next customer, partner or even competitor.

In our most recent article, we take a closer look at why the candidate experience matters and some of the key benefits of putting an impactful process in place.

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