Unlock the answers to questions such as these and many more via our fully customisable compensation & benefits surveys.

Whether your company is expanding into new territories, seeking to remain competitive in the face of talent wars or wishes to confidentially build a future candidate pool, Jurupa’s thorough approach to compiling and delivering research projects brings multiple benefits. 

Consider the following five benefits:

Establishing competitive pay & benefits

Let us help you to determine whether your pay and benefits packages are competitive with those of other companies in the same industry or location. By understanding what your competitors are offering, it becomes easier to adjust your compensation packages to attract and retain top talent.

Retaining employees

Maintaining competitive remuneration packages can help your organisation to retain your employees, especially those who may be considering leaving for better pay elsewhere. By utilising a comp & bens survey to identify areas where your pay structure may be lacking, you’ll have the opportunity to make targeted improvements which in turn reduce turnover.

Attracting new talent

Offering the right compensation undoubtedly helps to attract outstanding new talent. This in turn will help to attract top percentile applicants as well as speculative resumes. 

Ensuring compliance with rules & regulations

Another equally important feature of our comp & bens surveys is that they enable companies to ensure that their salaries and benefits are compliant with local and national laws and regulations. 

Making data-driven decisions

The live market data that Jurupa gathers enables our clients to make informed, data driven decisions which better align with their long term goals and objectives.goals and objectives.

What data are you looking to gather?

Our team of researchers have years of experience of going out to market and procuring live information to help you make informed decisions based on live raw data. Here are some examples of the types of questions we would ask you:-

Delivery Process

We operate a clearly defined 7-step process when it comes to project execution.





Research & Mapping








Summary & Reporting


Feedback & Next Steps (where applicable)

Market Insight

Our research brings the added benefit of qualitative research. This is a type of research that aims to gather and analyse non-numerical data in order to gain an understanding of individuals’ social reality, including understanding their attitudes, beliefs, and motivation. What are 7 relevant examples of how this could be highly insightful information for your organisation to obtain

In Conclusion

Compensation and Benefits surveys can provide valuable insights into an organisation’s compensation and benefits practices, helping them to attract and retain top talent while remaining compliant with laws and regulations.

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