A tailored consulting service aimed at ambitious business leaders considering their expansion into Europe

Our Approach

We start with a non-obligatory, free of charge discovery call that lasts for approximately 30 minutes and aims to accurately define your company’s aims & objectives.

Given the confidential nature of such dialogue, NDAs are normally exchanged prior to the call. During the conversation, we will aim to cover topics as broad ranging as how your company came to be founded and why, what has made it successful to the current point and what you hope to achieve from your planned international expansion.

Jurupa will also try to understand your company ethos/culture and fundamentally work out why people want to come and work for your organisation. Tapping into all this knowledge will be crucial in selecting the right interim leader for your business in Europe.

We recognise that some company founders won’t be ready to fully commit to a legal subsidiary, let alone an office without first testing the water. Our interim advisory, support and execution services enable companies to do just that. To see the results without having to make a full and potentially costly commitment at the outset.

Interim Advisory, Support and Execution Services

Value proposition & overview

When setting their sights on an expansion into Europe, many founders & CEOs face a labyrinth of obstacles. There are significant costs to consider and VCs to assuage, your go-to market strategy must be watertight and safely navigating the many legal obligations can be precarious.

Understandably, many companies view such a significant step as one of the most important milestones in their company’s evolution. Therefore, it is critically important to put in place the right measures to mitigate risks, whilst enhancing the likelihood of a successful launch. 

What are interim advisory, support & execution services?

Jurupa proactively maintain an active network of highly experienced, accomplished sales leaders with whom we work in close collaboration on carefully selected interim assignments.

Our panel of executives are dotted across continental Europe and boast deep expertise in creating GTM strategies, formulating sales & marketing methodologies, driving execution and ultimately, delivering results. 

They are often multi-lingual, cognizant of different business cultures & practices and come with outstanding recommendations.  

Subsequent Steps to Success

Formulating a basic GTM (go-to-market strategy)

Our consultant will explore with you what works well in your existing territories and what you are seeking to replicate in the European market. You will be asked to think about who your ideal customers are and how go about creating messaging which will resonate effectively in the selected geographies. Strong attention is paid to the varying nuances within regional business cultures.

Testing the market


Any successful launch in a new market will normally have been subject to a rigorous litmus tests which explore receptivity, feasibility and potential for your product or service. We suggest identifying 3 “dream” customers and utilising them as part of an exercise in testing the water. As part of the process, our consultant will implement a fully effective sales process that will enable you to determine in a relatively short space of time results from your initial business development activities.

Establishing operations in the European market and execute successfully

Without the necessity of establishing a legal entity and salaried workforce, our interim solutions afford the opportunity to rapidly set up a fully operational regional business unit with a functioning sales process. From here, you have the option either to continue benefitting from the services of our consultant or to consider a full investment into creating an international subsidiary and hiring staff. Jurupa are well placed to assist with these next steps if required.

Features and benefits