Potential Client and Company Questions:

Jurupa’s coverage spans 4 continents and covers the European Union, The United States, APAC (Asia Pacific) and ANZ (Australia/New Zealand.)

Our core team is based in the UK, however for anything outside of normal working hours, we aim to respond to all queries within 12 hours.

Our core focus is on GTM roles at a senior and leadership level, however we occasionally consider briefs outside of the conventional scope upon request. Typically, our mandates encompass leadership positions across sales, marketing, engineering and operations.

We execute board level mandates, senior leadership searches and individual contributor briefs which are often critical, confidential, niche or urgent.

The majority of the hires we facilitate are permanent employees, however we have a strong community of executive level interim professionals available for short-term and temporary assignments.

Yes, these are processed by our partner and can generally be turned around within 7 working days in most cases.

At Jurupa, we have a defined candidate charter which stands as an SLA of sorts, and outlines our commitment to uploading minimum standards around communication, feedback and advice. Typically, the process begins with a 15 minute screening call conducted by a researcher to convey high level details of the role and opportunity, whilst basic details are gathered around current situation, current and target compensation, notice period etc. This is followed by a 45 minute deep-dive call in which functional and behavioural competency questions are presented.

Qualified candidates are then added to the longlist, kept updated on a regular basis and guided through the process toward a conclusion. Jurupa will always act as the candidate’s counsel throughout the process, taking care of any required negotiation between the parties along the way.

Although steps are being taken to address the situation, there has been a legacy of underrepresentation of candidates from diverse backgrounds across the industries we serve. Our approach is to meet on a quarterly basis as an organisation to discuss the subject of DEI openly and honestly, remove all possible bias from the screening process, and carefully consider the wording used in our job descriptions and candidate briefing packs. Finally, we encourage our clients to assemble wherever possible, diverse interview panels.

By utilising our highly effective 7 step methodology, we have successfully delivered outstanding results for clients who came to us with seemingly unsolvable hiring challenges, only for our framework to deliver powerhouse hires.

Learn more by booking in a discovery call with us here:- https://calendly.com/adavies-2/discovery-call-with-jurupa

Our methodology is designed to provide our clients with a comprehensive overview of the entire, addressable talent pool based on a mutually defined criteria. Our guarantee to every client we work with is to commit to working with them until we reach a result, which means providing full confidence that they are hiring the very best available talent, in the market, at the time of the search.

Our origins as a business are in the technology industry, however our mandates have broadened us into wider areas, including the Telecoms, ESG, Manufacturing, Industrial and Geological verticals.

The typical timeframe sits between 4-6 weeks depending on the degree of complexity involved. Our process is fully transparent and we stage weekly calls with all relevant stakeholders to provide real updates on the progress of the search along with the data collected over the course of our research.

These vary according to the service provided. Please ask us for further details.

In addition to retained search, we offer interim sales consulting, employee background checks & verification, compensation & benefits reports and outplacement services. Please visit our Solutions page for more information.

Jurupa was established in 2013.

Our core values, which are to act with integrity, treat others with respect, be supportive, tenacious & outcome driven, utilise agile thinking at all times, serve as trusted advisors and to work in strategic partnership with our clients. Fundamentally, our true value add lies in the advisory role we perform in-between our clients and our candidates.

We operate a fully distributed model and have staff in the UK and India at this time.

We enjoy a 95% repeat business rate – a vote of confidence that we’re very proud of.

Candidate Focused Questions:

We cover board level roles, non-executive directors and chairpeople as well as the entire C-suite, encompassing CEOs, CTOs, COO, CMOs, Chief People Officers, Chief Product Officers and Chief Revenue Officers. We have also successfully executed searches at VP level.

Please submit your resume to info@jurupa.co; alternatively book a call in via the Calendly link on our website.

We apply a full, executive search process which incorporates a detailed briefing call with the relevant stakeholders, enables us to map the addressable market, compile a bespoke candidate briefing pack along with tailored outreach, before engaging with target candidates and conducting in-depth screening interviews. This tends to include behavioural profiling, psychometric testing and formal referencing.

You will be invited to join an initial 15 minute screening call with one of our executive researchers to convey a high level overview of the company and the scope of opportunity, whilst they gather basic details around your current situation.

Assuming both sides are in agreement about moving forward, you will be invited to join a 45 minute deep-dive call which goes into finer details about the wider opportunity and in which you will be asked a series of competency based questions – the answers from which will be summarised and shared with the interview panel prior to shortlisting.

Everything shared during your conversations is kept entirely within the bounds of the interview process and remains confidential between all parties. In the case of a search mandate which is highly sensitive or confidential, you might be asked to sign an NDA (non disclosure agreement) to ensure an additional layer of protection.

Yes, we offer an additional service called Career Mapping which is targeted at candidates who are seeking a proactive approach to identifying their next career move. This includes modules such as the optimisation of your resume or LinkedIn profile and proactive approaches into target employers of choice. We can even assist with positioning, tailored outreach and interview coaching.

No, not when we approach you in regards to a career opportunity. The only chargeable services we offer to candidates are those contained within our Career Mapping service, for which there is a nominal fee.

Qualified candidates are then added to the longlist, kept updated on a regular basis and guided through the process toward a conclusion. Jurupa will always act as the candidate’s counsel throughout the process, taking care of any required negotiation between the parties along the way.