Helping Employees Navigate Career Transitions

Jurupa’s outplacement services have been designed to assist employees who have been laid off or let go from their jobs in finding new employment opportunities. These services provide guidance and support to employees as they navigate the job market and search for new career opportunities.

Assessing Skills and Interests

The first step in the outplacement process is assessing the employee’s skills and interests. This involves evaluating their work history, identifying their strengths and weaknesses and exploring potential career paths that align with their interests and goals.

Identifying Career Options

Once an employee’s skills and interests have been accurately assessed, the next step is to identify potential career options. This can sometimes involve exploring new industries or sectors, considering alternative roles or positions and researching job market trends to determine where there may be demand for certain skills or qualifications.

Developing a Plan

With a clear understanding of the employee’s skills, interests, and career options, the next step is to develop a plan to achieve their career goals. This may involve acquiring new skills or qualifications, networking with industry professionals, or creating a targeted job search strategy.

Eight Proven Services

Career Counselling

This involves one-on-one coaching to help individuals identify their strengths, weaknesses and career goals, and develop a plan to achieve those goals.

Resume Writing and Review

 Assistance with creating or updating a resume and cover letter that highlights the individual’s skills and experience.

Job Search Strategies

Guidance on effective job search techniques, including networking, online job boards, and recruitment agencies. 

Interview Preparation

Coaching on how to prepare for and perform well in job interviews, including mock interviews to help individuals build confidence.

Skills Assessment

Helping individuals to identify their transferable skills, and to match those skills to suitable job opportunities.

Career Workshops

Offering workshops on a range of topics such as resume writing, interviewing, networking, and job search strategies. 

Access to Job Leads

Providing access to job postings and leads that may not be publicly available.

Support and Follow-Up

Offering ongoing support and follow-up to help individuals stay motivated and focused during their search.

Benefits of Outplacement Sercives

Outplacement services can provide numerous benefits to both employees and employers. For employees, these services can help to reduce the stress and anxiety associated with job loss, provide valuable career guidance and support and increase the likelihood of finding new employment opportunities. For employers, offering outplacement services can help to maintain positive relationships with former employees, minimise legal risks and liabilities and enhance the organisation’s reputation as a responsible and compassionate employer.

Effective Outplacement Strategies

To ensure the success of outplacement services, it’s important to adopt effective strategies that align with the needs and goals of both employees and employers. Some of the key strategies for effective outplacement include offering customised services tailored to the individual needs of each employee, providing ongoing support and guidance throughout the job search process and leveraging technology and online resources to enhance the effectiveness of outplacement services.

In conclusion

Outplacement services offer several benefits to both employees and employers. For employees, outplacement services provide support and guidance during a difficult time and can help them find new employment opportunities more quickly. For employers, outplacement services can help to maintain a positive reputation, minimise the risk of legal disputes, and boost morale.

Additionally, offering outplacement services to employees shows that the company values its employees and is committed to helping them during a difficult period. Choosing a reputable outplacement provider that offers a range of services and personal attention to each employee can ensure a smooth transition and successful job placement.

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