Legal tech start-up turns to Jurupa for assistance in securing sales talent

Case Study

Author: Aaron Davies
January 4, 2022

With offices in Cambridge, London & Singapore, ThoughtRiver are market leaders in contract pre-screening automation. Their contract pre-screening application is designed to automate day to day routing and prioritisation decisions in large and busy corporate legal functions and is emerging as a sophisticated and technically demanding advance – and new category – in legal process automation technology. Whilst the typical due diligence exercise involves assembling clauses on a handful of issues which then need to be considered by a lawyer, each contract pre-screen undertaken by ThoughtRiver triggers 1000s of software-answered questions on each contract in order to replicate what actually happens when a junior lawyer conducts an initial scan on a contract.


Following an introduction from one of Jurupa’s partners, ThoughtRiver’s Head of Sales in EMEA conducted a careful process of due diligence to ensure the suitability of Jurupa as a recruitment partner. The executive team wanted to see evidence of a proven track record and results in sourcing and securing top sales talent for an early stage company. Once a green light had been issued, Jurupa were tasked with starting a search for the two initial Senior Sales Executives in Europe who would report directly into the Sales Leader.


Positioned to sell their solution into both legal firms and in-house counsel – an industry which has widely been described as “ripe for disruption” – Jurupa understood from the clear brief that the successful salespeople sought would need to be creative thinkers, carry a reasonable measure of persistence and ideally possess prior experience of disrupting or bringing to market new technology in a sector regarded in some quarters as ‘archaic’ in its use of technology.


With a clear directive communicated by the EMEA Sales Leader around what types of sales professionals he was looking for, Jurupa set about mapping out the market, gathering data and commencing exploratory conversations.

Established competitors were examined and information was gleaned from sources such as Glassdoor and taken into account to determine what others were doing well in terms of employee retention and positioning themselves as an attractive destination for top performers. Within 5-10 days, Jurupa were well on the way to compiling a strong and accurate shortlist of candidates, achieving a high ratio of CV submission to interview.

We collaborated closely with ThoughtRiver on their interview process and structure throughout, maintaining close and regular communication with the hiring managers and exec team to ensure that the ball was never dropped. The potential impact of issues around non-compete clauses and lengthy notice periods were softened via careful planning, open dialogue and a collaborative spirit in achieving our joint objectives.


Following a smooth and streamlined recruitment process, Jurupa successfully placed 2 Senior Account Executives with ThoughtRiver who were very excited to have successfully secured an offer of employment with a company who have big plans for continued growth and expansion in both short and long term.

With a promising new partnership forged with PwC forged in recent months, ThoughtRiver are on a clear mission to disrupt and shake up the Legal industry across the world. Their AI technology moots potential time savings of a third for general counsels. PwC plans to launch the first of its ThoughtRiver powered products imminently.

Jurupa are proud to number the company amongst their growing client base and look forward to continuing our collaboration with them long into the future.


  • 2x Senior Account Executives

Client since 2019