HP feeling the sting of change

Disruption is an overused word these days, but even if you’re sick to death of hearing it, you can’t deny that change has swept over HP a long-time enterprise stalwart, and it’s feeling the affects in a big way.

By now you’ve heard that HP plans to spin its PC and printer division off into a separate company, while moving their corporate servers and services under the name Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, all under the auspices of making them more nimble. Oh yes, they definitely need to be more nimble, but for the record, it’s an idea that former CEO Leo Apotheker recognized over three years ago when he proposed spinning off the PC division.

HP has faced some serious challenges in recent years, not the least of which has been lack of stability at the top of the organization. Carly Fiorina was fired on February, 2005, then came Mark Hurd who was fired in August, 2010 amid a growing sexual harassment scandal. He was replaced by Apotheker, the former SAP boss who lasted less than a year before being replaced by current CEO Meg Whitman.

Step right up, folks. You can’t tell the HP CEO without a scorecard.

To be fair, Whitman has brought some level of stability to the company since she came on board three years ago and she is finally dusting off Apotheker’s playbook and spinning off the PC division (along with printers) just as he he proposed before he was summarily dismissed.

Of course, Whitman inherited a company in turmoil. How can we forget the fiasco that wasHP buying Autonomy for an over-inflated price of $10B in August, 2011. Many at the time were shocked by the price tag, and it didn’t take long for the deal to blow up on HP. Just a year later came the 8.8B write-down and bitter accusations of questionable bookkeeping practices and fraud. It wasn’t pretty and that battle continues to this day.

Then there’s the matter of layoffs. They began as a matter of policy under Fiorina, but today they have reached new heights. Last spring, HP announced a massive layoff of at least 35,000 employees. There is chatter this morning that could be 55,000. That’s a lot of jobs and it points to that D word, disruption. Big companies like HP have a lot of momentum in their favor, but they reach a point where they can no longer move quickly enough to compete, and by the time they do it’s often too slowly and too late.

To that end, HP has tried to pivot its enterprise business this year to the open source, private cloud operating environment OpenStack, certainly a wise move on its part, but they have found the market crowded with competition from other big names including Red Hat, IBM, Cisco and others (companies that are dealing with their own level of disruption).

HP has taken this leap seriously and has reportedly surpassed Red Hat as the top contributor to the next release of OpenStack, code named Juno. Make no mistake, it’s a big deal, and it shows commitment, but is it enough?

Just last month HP bought enterprise cloud startup Eucalyptus and hired its dynamic CEO Marten Mickos to run its cloud division. It was a good move by all accounts and it gives HP a bit of a lift, one they badly need, but once again HP is playing behind the market and it’s not clear how much of an impact these machinations will have on the future of the company.

As analyst Horace Dediu pointed out on Twitter this morning, the spin-off manoeuver is never really a sign of a healthy company.

HP is in the process of pushing buttons and pulling levers and trying things and hoping something sticks. Spinning off the organization into two companies is such a move. It’s worth stating that disruption is not a fait accomplis of course. Companies can and have come back and HP still has resources and moves to make, but it’s feeling the sting of change and finding a way to transform a company the size of HP in the midst of a major industry industry shift, is not an easy task and Meg Whitman is facing a monumental challenge as she attempts to guide the company through it.

Credit: Ron Miller of TechCrunch

App Analytics Startup Adjust Raises $7.6 Million Series C

Well, what do we have here? A European series C round. Berlin-headquartered app analytics startup Adjust (if we can still call the company a startup) has raised a $7.6 million further round of funding from ACTIVE Venture Partners, and existing investors Target Partners, Iris Capital and Capnamic Ventures. Formerly known as Adeven, Adjust raised a $4.3 million round in June last year, adding to an earlier European-style “seven-figure” series A round of funding.

Adjust, which, along with Berlin, has offices in San Francisco and Istanbul, provides an analytics platform to help mobile marketers understand where their “most valuable” users come from, and other info, in a bid to offer ways to “re-engage” those users inside or outside their app — i.e. through various advertising and marketing initiatives and channels — and measure that additional return of investment (ROI).

The company is an official Facebook and Twitter Mobile Measurement Partner and integrates with 300 or so ad networks and partners globally. It boasts the likes of Universal Music, Viacom, Yelp, Scopely, Kingsoft, DeNA, BuzzFeed Inc. and Deutsche Telekom, as clients.

So, what’s an app analytics startup to do with $7.6 million in fresh series C funding? Adjust says it’ll use the new cash to boost expansion in the U.S., China and Japan, and for further product development. Noteworthy, it says 40 per cent of total revenue is now coming from Asia and the U.S., and that the company will use some of the additional funding to open new regional offices. To that end, it has hired Shawn Bonham, who previously for mobile analytics company Upsight, to lead Asian expansion as Adjust’s new Managing Director Japan and South East Asia.

Source: TechCrunch (Steve O’Hear)

Jurupa prize draw – win an iPad mini!

IpadJurupa are almost 12 months old and we’re very excited about our growing list of happy customers and where we’re heading going forward.

To celebrate, we’re giving away an iPad mini to one lucky individual.

Simply answer one of the two questions below:

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Early stage US technology vendor looks to Jurupa or their European subsidiary

Jurupa was approached by an early stage US technology vendor looking to solve a fairly common challenge. The company had launched their European subsidiary 12 months previously but despite having enjoyed a steady stream of new business wins, their challenge was the delivery of an advanced software product with a complex implementation requirement.

Engaging collaboratively with both the US-based stakeholders and their EMEA GM, we put together a plan to hire a VP of Professional Services for EMEA, together with an experienced Sales Engineer and Solution Architect, to assist the VP with both pre and post-sale responsibilities. After spending time carefully getting to know exactly what our client needed at a granular level, we executed a highly focused and targeted search based on a number of stringent requirements.

Within three weeks of embarking on the brief, we provided the customer with a shortlist of rigorously qualified and carefully vetted candidates for the VP position. Within six weeks, we provided further shortlists for the Sales Engineer and Solution Architect positions. Following lengthy interview processes and competition for the top candidates from other parties, Jurupa successfully steered the process toward a win-win-win outcome for everyone involved.

We take great care to ensure not just long-term results, but also a long-term cultural fit within the chosen organisation. By reaching out at regular intervals to ascertain satisfaction for both our customers and candidates, we continue to build our own added value as a strategic partner for innovative technology companies seeking to expand their operations in EMEA.

The end result for this client was three successful hires that made an immediate and positive impact on the business. Potential issues with delayed implementation and engagements were quickly avoided as Jurupa’s three new hires quickly became seen as trusted advisers. Fast forward six months and the business is thriving, with the end result that Jurupa is now seen as the go-to partner of choice for future hiring into the organisation.

Jurupa are attending IBC 2014

We will be attending this year’s trade show to be held at Amsterdam RAI – it promises to be bigger and better than ever!

IBC2014 is the essential global meeting place for everyone engaged in creating, managing and delivering the future of electronic media and entertainment technology and content.

Featuring an influential conference and world-class exhibition, IBC immerses 52,000+ professionals from 170 countries in an unrivalled experience which affords you the chance to trade and educate, to debate and connect, to challenge, strategise and innovate with the very companies and leaders shaping the market.

Jurupa will be attending between September 14th and 16th. Get in touch with us directly to book an appointment.ibc2014logo1000

Google launches $100m fund to support European tech start-ups

Google Ventures, the investment arm of tech giant Google, has announced the launch of a new $100m London-based fund, set to back the growth of tech start-ups across Europe.

In a press release posted on its blog, Google said the new fund would invest in “the best ideas from the best European entrepreneurs”, in a similar fashion to the US-based arm of its venture capital fund.

The US tech giant said Europe’s start-up scene had “enormous potential”, naming Spotify, SoundCloud and Supercell as three examples of “compelling new companies” that have emerged from the region.

It said the European arm of its venture capital fund would employ the same holistic approach to support as the corresponding US arm of Google Ventures, providing funding, engineering support, design expertise and guidance with recruiting, marketing and product management to its investee companies.

The general partners administering the fund will be Eze Vidra, Google’s head of Campus London and Entrepreneurs Europe, alongside entrepreneurs and angel investors, namely OpenIDEO.com founder Tom Hulme (one of WIRED’s tops 100 ‘digital power brokers’), Peter Read, and Bottica.com founder Avid Larizadeh.

London & Partners, the promotional organisation of the Mayor of London, said the new fund would benefit the London tech scene in particular, encouraging investment, job creation and economic growth in the capital.

The news comes just days after high-street bank Santander UK announced plans to set up a new $100m London-based venture capital fund, set to invest in financial technology start-ups worldwide.

Gordon Innes, CEO of London & Partners, commented on the launch of the fund: “Having the Google Ventures fund based in London further enhances our reputation as a city in which European tech companies can find the investment they need to grow their businesses from our growing portfolio of active venture capital firms.

“I also anticipate Google Ventures to invest in some exciting tech opportunities here in London, helping innovative companies to further develop and turn their tech ideas and fuelling economic growth in the capital.”

Mayor of London Boris Johnson said the capital represents the”natural hub for developing the new economy across the continent and provides the perfect ecosystem for investment in new tech, digital and creative firms of all sizes”.

He added that the talent base and start-up opportunities are key reasons why Google and other global investors are looking to London for locating and growing tech companies.

“Adding the European arm of Google Ventures to London’s roster of digital expertise will help create more jobs, drive more investment and inspire even more tech masterminds to head to our great city,” he said.

Source: startups.co.uk

Investments In The UK Surge To Nearly $1B As London Is Calling

For the first half of the year, investors have poured nearly $1 billion into UK-based startups. In all $911 million has been invested in the UK, up from $362 million in the year-ago period, according to data from CrunchBase.

The venture investment scene in the UK is riotous and London is indeed calling, but more with the ring of cash registers than truncheons. And those investments are fairly evenly geographically distributed, according to CrunchBase data.

Some of the UK’s biggest rounds this year were in companies like the cloud call-center NewVoiceMedia, which raised $50 million from investors led by Technology Crossover Ventures, with participation from previous investors Bessemer Venture PartnersHighland Capital Partners EuropeEden VenturesNotion Capital, plus one strategic investor: the cloud-based CRM giant Salesforce.

WorldRemit, a money-transfer service, also raised a big round in one of the largest ever Series A financings for a European startup. Accel took all of the $40 million round.

“We like their focus on the long tail, and on the smaller corridors,” said Harry Nelis of the WorldRemit deal. “Instead of focusing on Sterling to Euro or to U.S. dollars, what WorldRemit does is think of how to service, for example, Filipinos in Norway remitting back to the Philippines.”

Also in the $40 million club were the ticketing company SilverRail Technologies; the retail analytics data services provider eCommera; and, at $32 million, the investment management company Nutmeg.

Thanks to the big rounds for Nutmeg and WorldRemit, financial services was one of the top targets for UK investors in the first half of the year. Other big sectors include mobile technologies, software and e-commerce companies, which each saw roughly $100 million in new commitments through the first half of the year.

Source: TechCrunch

Jurupa meetup (London Technology Week)

Jurupa are hosting their first-ever meet up next week in London and would love for you to attend if you are in town.

The event will be held on an informal basis with opportunities for attendees to take advantage of networking opportunities, learn more about Jurupa (and how we can assist you) and exchange ideas as part of London Tech Week.

This might just be the lunchtime event that secures a vital introduction or finds the solution to a burning problem within your growing business.

In any case, we’d love to see you there – the meetup will run between 12pm – 3pm at one of London most historic ale houses:-

Hand & Shears

1 Middle Street



If you wish to attend and/or would like more information, please send an email to aaron@jurupa.co at your earliest convenience.

You can register for the event here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/jurupa-meetup-tickets-11944168329

Want more success? Get a better view of your opportunities

Think about what you do during the day.

If you’re like most of us in business, your days and weeks are filled with meetings, calls, emails, to-­-dos, and the ever-­-present challenge of attending to basic responsibilities. Add to that a random mix of surprises and fires that demand your precious attention. Amongst this chaos, you’re working hard to keep moving forward, to move toward greater success.

But how do you know you’re taking the best path? How do you know if you’re making best use of all available resources and practices?

The scary thing is that you don’t know—unless you make an effort to seek out new perspectives.

Get above the trees to see the forest

The rate of change in today’s business environment is unprecedented. These changes can present new opportunities: new ways of thinking, of working, and new tools. But taking advantage of this potential requires removing yourself from the “trees” that are your daily responsibilities so you can see the big picture.

Three ways to improve your business vision

Tune in to the experiences of others. The image of the entrepreneur who has made it entirely on his own is a myth. Success requires support and input. And with change happening so fast, learning from people who have recently solved similar challenges is invaluable. Of course, hearing from people who’ve had large-scale success is always exciting and inspiring. But connecting with peers who are in situations similar to your own can be even more valuable.

Take time out to be proactive. There are likely some unavoidable challenges you know you’re going to have to deal with: things like healthcare, regulatory compliance and human resource management. And there are also challenges that might arise from your growth plans: logistics, currency, and tax issues if you’re planning to expand internationally. Or security management concerns if you’re moving more of your services to the cloud. All these are much easier to tackle if dealt with proactively. Start building the foundation today for the leap you want to take tomorrow.

Explore ways you can work smarter. Today’s business management tools are nothing short of mind-blowing. Within the vast amounts of data available about our business processes, performance, customers, and overall operations is a wealth of insights. But much of this potential is underutilized. Gaining an understanding of how to better tap the resources you have, as well as learning about tools and techniques you might easily add, is the first step to working more effectively and making smarter decisions.

Source: Entrepreneur.com

Jurupa are hiring!

It is often stated that the recruitment market is a great barometer of economic health and here at Jurupa, we would have to agree. Confidence is improving all the time, funding levels are soaring and there is a genuine buzz in the air when it comes to the world of innovative technology and ground breaking business ideas.

Jurupa was established just 12 months ago and in our first year we have overachieved targets with a growing list of satisfied customers. In order to help us keep pace with demand for our services, we are looking for a focused, energetic and ambitious resourcer to join the team and become a key player in what we are building here. The ideal candidate will carry 1-3 years of experience in a similar role and be able to demonstrate a focused and analytical approach to identify and engage with senior level candidates, both passive and active.

People skills are of key importance for this role as Jurupa seeks to build on their reputation of being customer focused, attentive and easy to deal with.

Daily activities:-

–          Searching for and identifying highly specific talent via a variety of channels e.g. job boards, social media, advert responses, internal CRM, leveraging existing networks

–          Carrying out screening calls with target candidates

–          Providing full administrative support with advertising vacancies, co-ordinating interviews, keeping candidates & clients updated and providing weekly activity reports

–          Acting as a Jurupa evangelist when speaking to prospective customers

–          Maintaining consistently high levels of customer service


–          Excellent communication skills

–          IT literate

–          An organised and proactive approach

–          Enjoy dealing with people from different cultures, backgrounds and nationalities

–          An ability to be persuasive, persistent and patient

–          An ability to gain people’s confidence and put them at ease

–          Flexibility and an adaptable attitude to work

–          An ability to prioritise tasks and work to deadlines

–          An ability to cope with pressure

–          Experience in qualifying needs and expectations

–          Experience with job boards e.g. Monster, Jobsite

–          Awareness of and proficiency in using various social media tools e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Bullhorn Reach

Advantageous attributes:-

–          Additional languages are highly beneficial

–          Experience with Boolean search strings

–          Experienced in using Microsoft Office packages to an advanced level – Word, PowerPoint and Excel

–          Prior experience of working for a start-up is useful

This position will be mainly office based, however as the role evolves there are likely to be opportunities for this person to travel to client sites and attend trade exhibitions. Therefore, the position would suit a person who is eager to learn, ambitious to progress their career and wants to play a part in driving an exciting young business forward.

This opening represents a great opportunity to “get in on the ground floor” with a young and ambitious start-up who aim to become the number 1 choice for fast expanding technology companies to approach when expanding their operations across Europe.

In exchange for your hard work and commitment, Jurupa will offer a dynamic and fun working environment with a competitive salary, bonus plan and regular social events. The ideal candidate will have the opportunity to progress into a full consultant role within a timescale that will be set solely by their own progress.

This role will be based in our HQ which is located in Congleton, UK. Please contact info@jurupa.co for further details.