A headhunter’s view on the current FinTech landscape

Jurupa News

Author: Aaron Davies
February 16, 2021


I am now into my third week in my new role at Jurupa where I have been tasked with building out a brand new FinTech business unit from scratch.

It’s great to be back in the hot seat after an 8-month hiatus on furlough during which I was effectively sat on the ‘subs bench’ itching to get involved once more.

So, what have I observed during my first 2 weeks? A great deal of unpredictability and uncertainty, for sure. The FCA have stated that they are working closely with the Government, the Bank of England, the payment systems regulator and financial services firms to make sure customers that are protected, guidelines are adhered to and that FS businesses survive these difficult times.

There have also been temporary changes to things such as SM&CR, regulatory reporting, onboarding & client identification as well as extended deadlines to ensure that frameworks are up to scratch.

What does this all mean for your business? For many, it has resulted in a veritable labyrinth of complex legislation that cannot be ignored or avoided but which simply must be complied with.

I am currently having numerous conversations across the board with people throughout the industry who want to ensure that they have the right personnel in place to a) ensure full compliance and b) to make certain that their organisations are optimised and able to stay a step ahead of the competition in what is a shifting landscape.

You may book a call with me here for a non-obligatory discussion on how we are helping our customers navigate such obstacles.

Stay safe,

Anthony Dudley