Our Approach

We set out to understand exactly what the client is looking for and from there, based upon your requirements we carry out research as to where we are most likely to find the very best candidates, in terms of the best university courses vs location.

From this point, we reach out to and engage with the Careers and Employer programme teams at the appropriate universities with a view to building long-term relationships, thereby ensuring that the relevant graduates are hearing about our clients’ opportunities.

We gather all salient information regarding career fairs, intern programmes, sandwich courses, work experience, newsletters etc. before creating a report for the client so that they have all of the information in a clear and concise format. The client can then see what would work best for them so that Jurupa can go ahead and undertake all of the necessary actions.


Value proposition & overview

Save time and make huge gains in efficiency with Jurupa’s graduate talent programme.

What steps are involved?


Liaising with target Universities and forging mutually beneficial, long term relationships.


Actively seeking the best graduates on the market and building highly relevant talent pools.


 Staging initial video interviews with suitable candidates in order to fully understand the aims, objectives and motivations as they embark upon their career. We also use this platform to promote and sell the opportunity to the graduate


Submission of candidates to the hiring manager with a full and accurate summary of the opportunity conveyed.


 Depending on your own individual company preferences, you may choose to outsource the administration around coordinating and scheduling interviews to Jurupa – alternatively, some clients prefer to run this section of the process themselves


We maintain regular contact with graduates so that we are cognizant of other recruitment processes they are involved in as well as their thoughts and feelings with respect to your company’s opportunity

Features and benefits

Time savings

By the time the candidate is submitted to the client they are already prepped – no time wasters! 

Expert guidance

Allow Jurupa to guide our graduates through the programme – for most graduates this will be their first job and so it can be a daunting process.

Realistic advice

We can share with graduates what the real world is like – aiming to eliminate unrealistic expectations, for example, it is not realistic to expect a starting salary of £50,000 per year in your first role.

Active filtering

Candidates are filtered so you are not wasting time by going through completely irrelevant applications.

Continuous momentum

We stage regular cadence calls to keep you updated from the candidate side – are they in process elsewhere e.g. are there any concerns that we feel are necessary to share.