A foolproof search process

When an organisation plans to make key hires which are either critical, senior, challenging, confidential or urgent, it is absolutely imperative that you get it right the first time. Competition for the best candidates is tough and more often than not, the only truly suitable approach for us to take is to perform an exhaustive search of the relevant market which systematically targets each and every relevant individual on behalf of your organisation.

70% of any given talent pool is passive and won’t respond to written approaches, which is why for such hires, it is necessary to utilise a retained approach.


What is Jurupa's approach?

Starting with a full briefing session, we work with all the key stakeholders to define and agree upon the parameters of the search and the process. Specifically, this involves compiling and agreeing upon a full role profile, considering the appropriate functional and behavioural competencies to ensure we are achieving the right balance of technical and cultural fit.

We consider geographies, office versus remote versus hybrid, target companies, off-limits individuals and organisations, timelines and your company’s unique value proposition. Upon commencement, we scour the entire talent pool to systematically identify every single target candidate who meets the defined criteria.

Our headhunting techniques enable us to engage with the defined talent pool via multiple channels; this information is presented on a weekly basis to the stakeholders. The information is shared on a fully transparent basis – we share real time feedback and data gathered from our outreach, which includes salary levels, bonuses, benefits and even candidate’s perception of your brand in the marketplace.

We work collaboratively with you to move the search forward, maintain momentum at all times and to jointly tackle any challenges which arise. If at any point, we are faced with a challenge, we will work with stakeholders to re-steer the search accordingly.

From the resulting long list, we will jointly agree on a shortlist of between 3-5 for interview. These candidates will all be QIA (qualified, interested and available.) Psychometric testing is then employed as we hone in on the finalists.

At the end of the process, you will be absolutely confident that you are making your hire from the best of the talent available to you, in the market, at the present time.


Speed, accuracy - and completion guaranteed

Economies of scale - subordinate hires

Accurate, live compensation data

Perception data, directly from the market

Clarity and consistency of your brand and activities

Complete control over sole process/multiple processes

Forward planning

Change is a constant of life and the same adage applies to business – you can either choose to stagnate or you can choose to adapt and evolve. In the majority of cases, corporate talent acquisition teams tend to focus on who needs to be hired today – in other words, a defined criteria, a selection of candidates who fit the description and are also interested in that particular opportunity at this moment in time.

Understandably, recruiters are therefore largely transactional and concerned with the here and now. Pressure from clients or hiring managers means that they need to operate this way, often utilising a grading system according to levels of client urgency, responsiveness and quality of the existing relationship, with little time to look to longer term requirements.

Beyond our executive search function, we are also able to offer talent mapping services, which allow for a longer term view, and crucially, the opportunity to build a long term talent pool which can be nurtured and developed over time.

Talent mapping isn’t about list building or putting names in a database, it goes well beyond that. Profiling the identified talent can only be done by staging a series of conversations over time and gradually establishing a relationship that delivers meaningful value for up and coming mid to long term addressable talent.