Major global software vendor turns to Jurupa for help in creating a graduate talent programme

Case Study

Author: Aaron Davies
January 4, 2022

IFS is a global enterprise software vendor providing solutions that help companies get a better return on investment. They develop and deliver enterprise software for customers around the world who manufacture and distribute goods, build and maintain assets and manage service-focused operations. The industry expertise of their people and solutions, together with a commitment to delivering value to every one of their customers has made IFS a recognized leader and the most recommended supplier in their sector.

Their workforce of 4,500 employees and growing ecosystem of partners support more than 10,000 customers around the world in challenging the status quo and realising their competitive advantage. Learn more about how their enterprise software solutions can help your business today at


Leveraging a recommendation from a trusted channel partner, Jurupa initiated a dialogue with IFS UK’s Director of Global Consulting and learned of the organisations’ desire to assemble a fully-functional and effective talent acquisition scheme that would enable the business to successfully attract the brightest and the best in graduate level talent. 

We learned through our early exchanges of the strong importance and inherent value that IFS place upon securing candidates who are about to embark on their careers as well as their desire to create a system whereby nobody would slip through the cracks. 

Previously, the process of hiring graduates was somewhat disjointed and inefficient; the feeling inside the organisation was that outsourcing the operation to a specialist talent provider was the way forward.


The mission objectives were very clear. IFS tasked Jurupa with creating a bespoke talent acquisition model which would serve as a productive and efficient platform through which all candidates would be processed and reviewed. 

We were tasked with reaching out proactively to selected local universities with a view to forging mutually beneficial, long-standing relationships with them. Jurupa were asked to find creative solutions in an extraordinary time which had resulted in huge disruption to student life all over the country. 

A key factor in selecting Jurupa for this project was our commitment to eliminating unconscious bias in the recruitment process, as well as an unwavering commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion practises.


Having gained a deep understanding of the desired target profile(s), we immediately commenced the project by mapping out our target market and appraising the graduate talent landscape. We then reached out to selected local universities in the capacity of brand ambassadors and gathered the prerequisite information required to ensure that IFS were promoted within the university and presented as a highly desirable career opportunity. 

Given the extraordinary circumstances resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, our traditional interviewing model shifted toward video platforms, which ultimately aligned more closely with the current generation. 

Our approach remained highly selective and we effectively took care of all co-ordination and scheduling tasks to reduce the workload on IFS. As a result, when pre-screened graduates were presented, the hit rate was very close to 100%.


Within a matter of weeks and way ahead of schedule, Jurupa had identified, screened, qualified and presented a carefully considered shortlist of candidates. 

To our immense satisfaction, 6 graduates went on to be hired. The feedback provided to Jurupa by IFS was overwhelmingly positive and discussions are underway to roll out the pilot programme across Europe. 

Our graduate talent programme offers innumerable benefits, including a major uptick in hiring efficiencies, time saved, zero placement fees (you pay only for our time and engagement, the creation of a talent pool for the long term, realistic advice to candidates and continuous momentum. Ultimately, hiring graduates is an imprecise science. Getting it right endows an organisation with young talent that is ambitious, forward thinking and equipped with huge potential.


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