LogDNA utilised Jurupa to expand its operation into the EMEA region

Case Study

Author: Aaron Davies
January 4, 2022

LogDNA is an enterprise-grade log management system that allows engineering and DevOps to aggregate all system, server, and application logs into one efficient platform. Collect, monitor, store, tail, and search application logs in real-time with one simple command-line or web interface. Allow their engineers to design the logging solutions you need so they can focus on what they do best – create quality products. Whether self-hosted, cloud, or multi-cloud, LogDNA offer log management and analysis for all needs and requirements.


Having heard of Jurupa’s Talent Management solution via a referral, LogDNA’s VP of Customer Support reached out to discuss their forthcoming ambitions of expanding existing operations into the EMEA region.

Successive new logo wins had driven a requirement to provide support and technical consulting services in new time zones. One of the biggest obstacles Jurupa faced was that the business was not yet ready to commit to establishing a legal entity in region and so any candidates identified for hire would ultimately have to be prepared to establish their own consulting vehicle.

The initial roles that were signed off presented significant challenges given the combination of technology stack, location and level of experience. Successful candidate(s) would ultimately need to be comfortable working in a remotely distributed team operating with minimal support.


Jurupa were tasked with assembling the initial team in region – the initial requests were focused mainly around identifying heavily experienced Site Reliability Engineers and Technical Support Engineers. Both profiles necessitated the need candidates with exceptionally diverse and hard to come by skillsets. Upon initial examination, the addressable talent pool was somewhat restricted by various factors, namely a general reluctance to work under a self-constructed contracting model, the risks associated with a very early stage start-up and the reality of working in a somewhat isolated post.

All of the above factors combined with a subsequently reduced talent pool, left Jurupa with a small, but highly potent talent pool to target.


Beyond the specific channels, Jurupa scoured industry specific forums and groups, in the process making connections in areas that were previously out of reach to LogDNA’s North American team.

To further increase our reach and coverage, we set up a WhatsApp group directly with the technical leadership team in addition to staging weekly video calls. This enabled our in-house team to remain on track and carefully steer candidates through the process.

An open and candid approach was adopted in order to highlight and raise any potential red flags along the way, enabling LogDNA to effectively tackle any such items ahead of time.

Guidance and support was provided where required to those candidates willing to set up individual contracting vehicles. Jurupa overcome objective concerns by evangelising the true potential of the opportunity and remained consistently on-hand to provide advice where requested.


LogDNA now boast an adaptable and highly talented remote engineering team distributed geographically across the region. This has laid the groundwork for further expansion of the regional team and crucially, has given the company full capabilities in extending support and technical consultancy on the ground, adding tremendous value to the client base and creating a successful blueprint going forward.

Various bumps in the road that appeared along the way were identified and addressed promptly through close attention to deal and a focus on the win-win outcome. Having installed the first employees in Europe, Jurupa now look forward to continuing the relationship and working closely with LogDNA on their forthcoming scale-up with plans to hire sales, marketing and customer success professionals


  • Site Reliability Engineers
  • Technical Support Engineers
  • EU SRE Manager

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