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Leading global retailer selects Jurupa to expand global hiring capabilities

Case Study

Author: Olly Jobbling
January 4, 2022

Aptos is the largest provider of enterprise software focused exclusively on retail. Their cloud-based Singular Retail™ solutions are trusted by over 1,000 retail brands in 65 countries. With industry-leading omnichannel commerce and merchandise lifecycle management solutions, they help retailers develop dynamic and responsive assortments, streamline operations and deliver integrated, seamless experiences wherever shoppers choose to engage. More than 1,300 colleagues share their collective passion for engaging customers differently who remain committed to developing relationships built on trust and tangible value by partnering with clients to create agile retail enterprises that are built to thrive in an era of constant change.


Prior to Jurupa’s engagement, Aptos had experienced tremendous growth and expansion, coming mainly via a series of strategic acquisitions that in turn placed enormous demands on the capabilities of their existing talent acquisition team. A relatively small, globally distributed team was being tasked with a broad and onerous workload that covered everything from juggling significant open headcount, hunting for appropriate candidates, creating compelling advertising, catering for the shifting requirements of hiring managers across the business, in addition, to effectively onboarding incoming employees. 

A senior HR leader within the business who was familiar with Jurupa’s approach and results created a strong internal business case to launch a close partnership between the two organisations with the stated aim to become a fully symbiotic relationship that would quickly drive efficiency, allow for greater process automation and improve the overall candidate experience.


During our early discussions with the senior HR leadership team, it became apparent that a number
of areas existed in which Jurupa could instantly deliver value and begin to eradicate some of the more pressing pain points experienced across the business. Jurupa were given – with the exception of North American headcount – a global remit that required us to quickly develop highly specialised funnels for
an exceptionally diverse range of roles & skill sets.

Aptos required a recruiting partner who carried a deep understanding of the organisation’s capabilities, their unique culture and an awareness of their mission and roadmap. A key addressable item was to alleviate some of the workload currently encumbering the existing talent acquisition team to free up their resources and enable them to be even more successful in their day-to-day roles.


Upon commencement of our engagement, Jurupa immediately set to work on familiarising ourselves with the current landscape and to better understand existing workflows and methods. 

Following a round of comprehensive scoping discussions that included all key stakeholders, we applied a bespoke framework that positioned our role in the business as both enablers and accelerators. We integrated our internal processes with those of Aptos’ ATS system (in this case, Greenhouse) and began assembling highly effective talent pools through a combination of extensive research, proactive reach-outs and carefully targeted marketing campaigns. 

Our central time location (being situated halfway between North America and APAC) afforded further benefits in terms of our availability to communicate with candidates as far away as Australia and
New Zealand. Ultimately, we sought to add value in every possible situation, thereby delivering win-win outcomes.


After just 3 months, the impact of Jurupa’s collaboration with Aptos had been proven. Time to hire had been reduced. The flow of communication between senior management stakeholders, hiring managers and candidates had been streamlined and crucially, the candidate experience had improved significantly. Additional support and resources ensured that feedback, whether positive or negative, was provided promptly and courteously to all applicants. 

Access to an increased number of target networks and sources was unlocked meaning that a new and wider range of talent pools opened up. Where there previously existed a kind of “whack a mole” situation owing to conflicting business priorities and insufficient resources, the partnership between Aptos and Jurupa has successfully combined to produce a finely-tuned talent acquisition engine. As one of the leading providers of technology solutions for the retail industry, we look forward to a long and successful relationship.


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