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Jurupa continue to expand their ERP resource capabilities

Case Study

Author: Olly Jobbling
December 13, 2022

Recognized as a leading enterprise software solution provider, IFS develops and delivers ERP, EAM, FSM and ESM to businesses worldwide. IFS are growing at 3x the market average as they bring the next generation of cloud-based enterprise software to companies all over the world.


In early 2020, Jurupa received an introduction from an IFS Gold Partner to a Global Consulting Director at IFS who was encountering significant challenges in identifying the right employees for his business unit.

The Director in question had explored numerous channels to date, including specialist headhunters, consultancies and partner organisations, yet none had proven successful in his search. Jurupa were recommended as a highly proactive, nimble and focused search firm who had an ability to uncover the proverbial “needle in the haystack” and despite having no prior experience in the ERP ecosystem, Jurupa set to work and quickly produced a high quality shortlist which lead in a quicker than expected timeline to a series of successful hires for that business unit.


Our initial success led to further internal referrals and cross departmental recommendations, including hires across graduate, sales, operations, consulting, marketing, project management and professional services departments. We were very proud to be awarded pride of place on IFS’ preferred supplier list in the summer of 2022.

Subsequently, news spread of Jurupa’s increasing proficiency and network of contacts in the ERP world and we were fortunate enough to engage with a series of end-users including Waterlogic, ESAB, Genuit Group, Interpath, Alstons, Global Marine, Aggrekko & Fugro.


All of these end-user organisations had something in common – they were either planning for or had already commenced large-scale integrations of ERP systems – some of them involving multi-site deployments and integrations across wide-ranging geographies.

Where many of these companies had access to contractor resources or offshore support models, Jurupa uncovered many instances where they were unable to access talent markets for permanent employees located across Europe.

If your organisation is in the process of evaluating or has already begun a large-scale ERP implementation, consider a conversation with Jurupa to learn more about our capabilities and where we can reduce headaches by introducing the top percentile of talent to your business.

Hires made

  • Marketing Intern
  • Project Support Officer
  • Project Consultant
  • Bid Co-ordinator
  • Partner Enablement Ops Specialist
  • HCM Implementation Consultant
  • Senior Account Executive
  • 4x Business Development Representatives (YSP programme)
  • Supply Chain ERP Consultant
  • Director of Customer Services, Benelux
  • IFS Application Support Engineer
  • Director of Sales, Benelux
  • Global Commercial Ops Manager
  • Solutions Architect, Nordics

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