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Global provider of ESG Data Intelligence partners with Jurupa on European build out

Case Study

Author: Olly Jobbling
December 13, 2022

Founded in 2014, Deepki supports real estate players in their transition to net zero and sustainability. To achieve this transition towards sustainability, Deepki helps realign stakeholders’ interests to build efficient strategies and transform real estate into a positive force for the planet. Deepki is the only company offering a fully populated ESG data intelligence platform combined with expert advisory services. The company’s end-to-end solutions leverage data to improve ESG performance and enhance the value of real estate assets.


At the time of Jurupa’s initial conversation with Deepki, the Paris headquartered organisation was seeking to execute on long held ambitions to expand beyond France and into international markets, including the UK, Germany & Italy. Our pedigree as a highly adaptable, proactive and nimble search firm afforded Deepki the confidence that we represented the right choice of partner in helping them to achieve these aims. Accustomed to expanding into new domains, this was Jurupa’s first foray into the world of ESG.


The primary focus in early 2021 for Deepki was to firmly break into and establish themselves in the UK market. This would be achieved by going out to the market in close partnership with Jurupa and headhunting an early team based on carefully curated messaging and positioning. The fact that the company was seeking to break into a predominantly English-speaking market lent additional considerations and required Jurupa to carefully consider the nuances involved in identifying select individuals who were likely to complement and add value to the existing team in Europe.


Jurupa spent ample time researching this relatively young market, took time to interview as many employees as possible about what made the organisation successful and to get to the root of why they signed up for this exciting mission. We sought to develop a keen sense of the organisation’s culture and ethos, transferring this crucial knowledge into our external search for early team members to join the UK operation. There was a sense of destiny in approaching target candidates, sharing details of the company’s exciting mission as they continue to expand in tandem with a global focus on improving ESG performance and combating climate change.


After almost two years of working with Deepki, Jurupa are proud to have built up a successful partnership and assisted this exciting organisation along their impressive growth journey. Despite working as an external partner, the two parties have established a highly symbiotic and productive relationship which we anticipate will continue to add strong mutual value to the continuing growth of Deepki in addition to Jurupa’s unique ability to complementthe work of internal talent acquisition teams.

Hires made:

  • Customer Success Manager
  • Customer Solutions Engineer
  • Senior Customer Success Manager
  • Office Manager
  • Sales Development Representative
  • Senior Account Executive
  • Customer Solutions Engineer