Cadent TV select Jurupa to assemble their UK software engineering team in Manchester

Case Study

Author: Aaron Davies
January 4, 2022

Cadent is a US technology company who provide marketers, agencies, operators, and media owners with data-driven solutions for buying and selling TV advertising. By connecting brands with national TV audiences across cable, broadcast and digital media. Their technology improves efficiencies and boosts the results of linear, addressable, and cross-screen campaigns.

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in New York City, they are powering the future of TV advertising.


Jurupa’s relationship with the parent company Cross MediaWorks goes back to 2015 when the previous company, known as BlackArrow TV contacted Jurupa for assistance in identifying their first technical hire in the UK.

Having successfully completed that search, Cadent reached out to Jurupa in late 2017 to discuss their plans about opening a brand-new office in Manchester, UK with a view to assembling an outstanding engineering team who would be tasked with building out their ground-breaking “addressable advertising” product.

Manchester was chosen as the prime location as a result of its close proximity to the renowned Media City complex as well as the corresponding talent pool in that location.


Initial discussions were held around the proposed scale of growth and make-up of the desired team.

Jurupa were tasked with putting together a wide-ranging and in-depth project to seek out a number of individuals comprising a wide spectrum of technical skills and ability, ranging from experienced software developers required to code, refine and continuously improve the product, QA engineers to test functionality and identify any bugs, technical support engineers to handle troubleshooting issues, technical project managers to organise and smooth out the whole process and client implementation engineers to successfully navigate customers through the onboarding process.


Working directly with the CTO, commercial terms for the project were agreed and a plan put in place. The CTO himself is based in San Jose, California but originally from the UK, and to maintain consistent communication Jurupa spoke on a weekly basis with him. It was agreed that he would visit the UK at least once every 6 weeks and coordinate calls and schedule interviews around dates of visits.

Given the highly specific requirements emanating from the somewhat niche nature of the TV advertising market, it was important for Jurupa to pay close attention to the (technical) competency levels of the candidates we screened.

In order to ensure that they met the high standards required, Jurupa agreed with Cadent’s CTO to put in place a series of technical screening questions to which we would require a high pass rate in order to confidently submit those candidates. This proved highly effective in terms of qualification and time spent interviewing, ultimately leading to an impressive conversation rate.


Despite some significant challenges – mainly encountered on the basis of a severe skills shortage for certain roles, Jurupa ultimately landed all of the candidates we were tasked with finding.

Having delivered above and beyoned the clients expections we would attribute our success in this project down to a mixture of endeavour, diligence and persistence.

One of the fundamental reasons why technology companies choose Jurupa is precisely because of this commitment to stay the course, remain focused on the task and to utilise our market knowledge to achieve success.

Our commitment to the task is that we often succeed where others fail. Talk to Jurupa today about your company’s hiring challenges. Try us out. The search is over.


  •  QA Tester
  •  Technical Project Manager
  •  Technical Support Engineer
  •  Client Implementation Engineer x 2
  •  Technical Services Engineer
  •  Java Engineer

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