Well, this is an exciting day indeed. The day where we three Jurupans (Aaron, Tom & Charles) get to officially launch their website to the world and aim to start offering a truly dynamic, customer-centric and innovative recruitment service.

If you have a firm fascination with the ever changing world of technology, feel inspired by those early Silicon Valley trailblazers who carved out a path which lead us to where we are today, then I hope we have found a common interest. Jurupa has been set up precisely because of those innovative and creative entrepreneurs who wanted to shake things up, disrupt the market and change the way we watch TV, purchase our shopping and even navigate our way around the world!

The founders of Jurupa have a real passion for ground breaking technology and hold the (some might say, lofty) ambitions of becoming one day the go-to company whether you are a client looking for some of our extensive support and assistance, or a rockstar candidate looking for the next Google/Oracle/eBay

Jurupa has finally arrived and we are looking forward to working with you. To hear more about some of the awesome opportunities we are working on, simply ping us an email, add us on Skype, follow us on Twitter, or if you’re really old school – pick up the phone! We’ll be glad to help.

Aaron Davies 18th Sep 2013

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