recruitmentDue to our success with innovative tech start-ups, Jurupa was introduced to a highly regarded, early stage company that had just received a round of funding and was seeking to take their business to the next level. Based in the buzzing area of London known as “Silicon Roundabout,” the company sought advice from us on identifying some of the best available talent in London to become part of their initial sales team.

The brief was relatively straightforward – we were tasked with finding three of the capital’s very best business development professionals. These salespeople needed the ability to understand a brand new concept in an established market, an ability to evangelise a disruptive new business model and perhaps most importantly, to handle life working in a typical start-up (wearing different hats, changing gears, multi-tasking, maintaining energy, faith and belief in difficult times etc.)

To ensure a high level of qualification and subsequent suitability, we devised a “pre-interview” for selected candidates before introducing them to the client. This was driven by the client’s exacting requirements for their first on-the-ground sales team. The results speak for themselves, as 28 days after the initial meeting between us and our client, three offers of employment were made. Six months later, the company is growing at a frenetic pace, being shortlisted for multiple awards and gaining ever greater recognition for their innovative business model.

We are proud to have played a crucial part in supplying key employees to support the growth of this exciting organisation at a vital stage of their development. As this company continues to scale, we have received enquiries into the feasibility of outsourcing HR services, allowing the client to concentrate on business development and R&D. Via a carefully selected partner, we introduced a specialist services provider who is now responsible for providing professional employment law advice and ensuring compliance throughout the business.

The end result is a satisfied customer who began by speaking with us about straightforward recruitment services and is now aware of our full range of partner services!

Talk to us today to learn more about how we can help your business prosper all the way from incubation through to rapid scale and build out.

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