ComputerJurupa was approached by an early stage US technology vendor looking to solve a fairly common challenge. The company had launched their European subsidiary 12 months previously but despite having enjoyed a steady stream of new business wins, their challenge was the delivery of an advanced software product with a complex implementation requirement.

Engaging collaboratively with both the US-based stakeholders and their EMEA GM, we put together a plan to hire a VP of Professional Services for EMEA, together with an experienced Sales Engineer and Solution Architect, to assist the VP with both pre and post-sale responsibilities. After spending time carefully getting to know exactly what our client needed at a granular level, we executed a highly focused and targeted search based on a number of stringent requirements.

Within three weeks of embarking on the brief, we provided the customer with a shortlist of rigorously qualified and carefully vetted candidates for the VP position. Within six weeks, we provided further shortlists for the Sales Engineer and Solution Architect positions. Following lengthy interview processes and competition for the top candidates from other parties, Jurupa successfully steered the process toward a win-win-win outcome for everyone involved.

We take great care to ensure not just long-term results, but also a long-term cultural fit within the chosen organisation. By reaching out at regular intervals to ascertain satisfaction for both our customers and candidates, we continue to build our own added value as a strategic partner for innovative technology companies seeking to expand their operations in EMEA.

The end result for this client was three successful hires that made an immediate and positive impact on the business. Potential issues with delayed implementation and engagements were quickly avoided as Jurupa’s three new hires quickly became seen as trusted advisers. Fast forward six months and the business is thriving, with the end result that Jurupa is now seen as the go-to partner of choice for future hiring into the organisation.

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