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Tough Interview Questions – Describe a major goal you’ve set for yourself recently.

Give an example of a goal you both set and achieved. Ideally, this should be a professional goal; such as improved time management skills, having achieved new performance targets, or learned a new skill. A personal example can also be appropriate if it reinforces your pattern of accomplishments. For example, if you take a great […]

Jurupa is launched!

Well, this is an exciting day indeed. The day where we Jurupans get to officially launch our website to the world and aim to start offering a truly dynamic, customer-centric and innovative recruitment service. If you have a firm fascination with the ever changing world of technology, feel inspired by those early Silicon Valley trailblazers […]

Dealing With A Counter-Offer

Counter offers are a frequent event when resigning to move to a new employer and although at the time they can seem flattering you need to ask yourself why it has taken your resignation to get an improved offer and if the reason for the move is not purely financial how will your situation improve by […]

7 things you should never do during an interview

When the job market is extremely tight, even the small stuff counts, especially when you’re on a job interview.  That’s why it’s so important not to say or do the wrong things, since that first impression could end up being the last one. With that in mind, here are seven deadly sins of job interviewing. 1. Don’t be […]