Jurupa signs channel partnership agreement with US based Athena

Jurupa are excited to announce that they have signed an agreement (effective January 2nd 2015) with US based Sales Consulting organisation Athena, with a view to combining mutual capabilities in helping fast growing technology companies expand into and across the EMEA region.

Utilising Athena’s proven experience in delivering outsourced sales consultancy services, fractional management and tactical guidance, Jurupa will be further enabled in providing a genuine value add for their growing customer base.

The focus of the partnership will be to steer future customers successfully into new markets by effectively providing a transatlantic bridge for clients creating or developing sales operations in Europe. By combining dual capabilities, Jurupa & Athena will offer the best of both worlds:- the ability to “test drive” not only the market, but also the hiring process and the measurable success of your crucial first-in-territory candidate with the minimum amount of risk.

This collaboration will aim to provide high-end quality solutions in today’s growing market. When compared to the traditional methods of setting up overseas sales operations in the EMEA market, Athena/Jurupa’s combined approach offers a much more attractive value proposition: lower cost, lower risk, more control and speed to market using proven methods and trusted connections.

Athena’s CEO for Europe, Jeremy Spratt commented: “we have known about Jurupa and their approach in the market for 6-9 months now and saw a clear opportunity for both parties to bring collective strengths to the table. We are excited about what lies in store for 2015 and believe that this channel agreement will serve to provide a real value add for our target customers.”

Jurupa’s Founding Director, Aaron Davies concurred: “What we are seeing in the European technology market place at this moment in time is a clear return of confidence, not only in terms of investment, but crucially in terms of entrepreneurship. There is a genuine belief out there that 2015 might well turn out to be one of the most positive years in a long while. From the perspective of our customers, adaptability and versatility of offerings seem to be highest on the list – in other words, there is an expectation that as a service provider, you need to be able to cover more bases than ever before. We see this partnership with Athena as providing a real solution to those challenges going forward.”

If you would like to discuss these service offerings in more detail, please get in touch for further information.