Want more success? Get a better view of your opportunities

Think about what you do during the day.

If you’re like most of us in business, your days and weeks are filled with meetings, calls, emails, to-­-dos, and the ever-­-present challenge of attending to basic responsibilities. Add to that a random mix of surprises and fires that demand your precious attention. Amongst this chaos, you’re working hard to keep moving forward, to move toward greater success.

But how do you know you’re taking the best path? How do you know if you’re making best use of all available resources and practices?

The scary thing is that you don’t know—unless you make an effort to seek out new perspectives.

Get above the trees to see the forest

The rate of change in today’s business environment is unprecedented. These changes can present new opportunities: new ways of thinking, of working, and new tools. But taking advantage of this potential requires removing yourself from the “trees” that are your daily responsibilities so you can see the big picture.

Three ways to improve your business vision

Tune in to the experiences of others. The image of the entrepreneur who has made it entirely on his own is a myth. Success requires support and input. And with change happening so fast, learning from people who have recently solved similar challenges is invaluable. Of course, hearing from people who’ve had large-scale success is always exciting and inspiring. But connecting with peers who are in situations similar to your own can be even more valuable.

Take time out to be proactive. There are likely some unavoidable challenges you know you’re going to have to deal with: things like healthcare, regulatory compliance and human resource management. And there are also challenges that might arise from your growth plans: logistics, currency, and tax issues if you’re planning to expand internationally. Or security management concerns if you’re moving more of your services to the cloud. All these are much easier to tackle if dealt with proactively. Start building the foundation today for the leap you want to take tomorrow.

Explore ways you can work smarter. Today’s business management tools are nothing short of mind-blowing. Within the vast amounts of data available about our business processes, performance, customers, and overall operations is a wealth of insights. But much of this potential is underutilized. Gaining an understanding of how to better tap the resources you have, as well as learning about tools and techniques you might easily add, is the first step to working more effectively and making smarter decisions.

Source: Entrepreneur.com