Jurupa maintain strong post-Covid growth in customer base

In spite of the many challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic, Jurupa have continued their impressive growth by welcoming a series of new, high profile customers to their client base. Over the past 6 months, they have commenced projects with tech companies including Keysight Technologies, EasyShip, Cognism, Sitecore, Attraqt plc, Planisware, GTMhub, DeepKi, Pixlee, InnerWorks, RotaCloud and Crawford Technologies. 

Managing Director Aaron Davies commented “I’m incredibly proud of my team. We have a tried and tested methodology in place which leads to win-win outcomes and simply works. Like most of our peers in the talent acquisition industry, we experienced some significant early challenges early on in the pandemic, including widespread headcount freezes, paused growth plans and a fully understandable concern about the future. What we gleaned from the majority of our clients around August of 2020 however, was the sense that we cannot just stand still indefinitely, we must continue to innovate, think differently and see around corners.

The world has been turned upside down and it has been a very tough time for the people across the entire globe. However, looking at the situation from another angle shows us that the playing field has been significantly levelled up in terms of candidates no longer having to be based in or around a chosen metropolis to be considered for a role, we see a more caring and compassionate regard for mental health amongst the workforce and most importantly, there has been significant progress in the drive for equality of opportunity across the board.”

Jurupa offers a highly effective suite of services built around fully integrated talent acquisition. Read more about the company here.