Entering Q4

As many technology companies enter their Q4, we explore what trends, if any are being seen across the start-up scene.

One of the things which has been most apparent in the typically busy, post summer charge toward the conclusion of the business year has been a great increase in confidence (and funding for) innovative thinkers with exciting new ideas.

Whilst 2012 was a record year, 2013 has already seen more Series A rounds than ever before, according to data from Crunchbase. These are exciting times indeed for the IT industry with large and well established vendors needing to constantly re-invent themselves to adjust to an ever changing competitive landscape.

Naturally, this leads to a number of challenges for both the client and the candidate alike. Do they stick or twist? It’s normally the case that a start-up will only green light a hire after both an exhaustive lengthy process but also only when everyone from the CEO to the team on the ground are satisfied that this person will be a great hire. That situation in itself can mean a leap of faith is required for the eager candidate – do they take the chance and jump into the highly promising start-up, leaving behind certainty, routine and security?

In many cases, it comes down to whether that person has the correct mind-set to embark upon such a journey. Here at Jurupa, we want to work with the very best talent on the market; in taking such an approach, we are by definition sharing the same values as our clients.

Aaron Davies 18th October 2013